Over-indebtedness information & advisory service (SICS)

The Service d'Information et de Conseil en matière de Surendettement (SICS) was set up in July 1993 and obtained a legal basis in December 2000.

The service, initially a contact point when it is difficult to talk about one's money problems, advises, accompanies and assists applicants in their various negotiations with creditors.

Since its creation, the SICS service responds to more than 2,000 requests for advice and information per year.

The Service is first and foremost a point of contact, as it is often difficult to talk about money problems with a relative or a third party. Secondly, it is an advisory and support service. It supports and assists applicants in the various steps of negotiation with creditors. The Service also has an active role with bailiffs, legal services, creditors, banks, etc... The help does not in any case lie in financial assistance.

Information and advice

Tel. +352 48 83 33-300                   

Mail: endettement@ligue.lu

Addresses (by appointment only)

- Centre médico-social Luxembourg

2, rue G.C. Marshall - L-2181 Luxembourg

- Centre médico-social Ettelbruck   

 2A, avenue Lucien Salentiny - L-9080 Ettelbruck             

- Centre médico-social Clervaux

6A, rue Brooch - L-9709 Clervaux


The tasks of the Information and Advisory Service on Over-indebtedness are numerous:

  • Helping indebted or over-indebted families living on Luxembourg territory by analysing their financial and social situation with a view to reorganise their debts.
  • Accountability of indebted or over-indebted persons
  • Training and counselling of social workers working with (over) indebted families
  • Development of preventive measures at the national and international level
  • Requests for advisory and consultations are free of charge. The Service is accessible to all persons residing in Luxembourg and to all social workers.

Preparing your file

Download and print the following documents to prepare your file:

For more information, do not hesitate to consult the New Code of Civil Procedure - Seizures - Executions (Article 728 - Law of 26 March 1997).

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