Consultation for Smokers

For a long time, smoking was considered a simple habit. Today, we know the effects of smoking on the body.

Tobacco is doubly addictive:

  • the first, habit-related, is psychological,
  • the second related to nicotine is physical.

    It is on this reality that the "Consultation for smokers" is based, organized since 2006 by the Ligue médico-sociale with the support of a specialist doctor, a psychologist, a specialist nurse, a dietician, a nicotine therapist and/or a social hygiene assistant.

    In order to assess your physical and psychological dependence on nicotine and your motivation to stop smoking, take the Fagerström test.

    Test de Fagerström

    Our aim is to inform, advise, support and encourage smokers to quit. 
    To make an appointment, please contact us:

    The sessions are free of charge and your expenses are reimbursed according to the Ministry of Health's Smoking Cessation Assistance Program.