Child Health Promotion Service (0-4 years old)

The Child Health Promotion service is aimed for the parents and their children from 0 to 4 years old.  

The objective of the service is to promote the harmonious development and well-being of the child.  Its aim is exclusively preventive, medical, social and educational. The service, which is entirely free of charge, is available in many cities throughout the country.

     Consultation for Infants and Young Children

The mission of the Consultation for Infants and Young Children (CNJE) is to promote, monitor and preserve the health of children from 0 to 4 years of age, but not to treat sick children.


  • Welcoming parents, listening to them
  • Understand, inform and advise


  • Measuring, weighing and examining children
  • Provide information and individual advisory on prevention, breastfeeding and infant feeding, childcare and more generally on all matters relating to the health, harmonious development and well-being of the child.
  • Advise and offer social support by a social worker in case of need.
  • Provide guidance, if necessary, in administrative procedures.

    You will be welcomed and advised by a paediatric nurse or a social hygiene assistant.
    Consultations for infants and young children (CNJE) are without appointment and entirely free of charge. 
    Cities and addresses of CNJE in the different locations and CMS of the Ligue

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       Info-Santé Sessions

    The Info-Santé exchange sessions are a way to discuss in groups around a chosen theme.

    They take place at :
    - during consultation hours for infants and young children
    - with a group of parents
    - according to a schedule established and made available to parents
    - according to the needs of parents and public health issues: breastfeeding, feeding pregnant women, baby crying and sleeping, prevention of domestic accidents, development of the senses, etc...

    They are organized and run by a team of early childhood professionals. 
    Calendar Info-Santé sessions 

       Visit to the Maternity Ward

    A visit to the maternity ward is a privileged way to meet young mothers and introduce them to the Child Health Promotion Service (SPSE).

    The nurse:

    • Meets the mothers (parents) during her stay at the maternity ward.
    • Informs them of the progress of the SPSE
    • Offers them the various services at their disposal
    • Collaborates with maternity hospitals 
    • Identifies the most vulnerable or disadvantaged families in order to provide them with specific support and services.

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       Home visit 

    The purpose of home visits is to prevent, listen, observe, counsel and guide families in their home environment. They are often an opportunity for parents and their children to ask many questions. 
    Home visits are always conducted by the specialized nurses of the ECCS team.
    To make an appointment, send the following form by e-mail to or call 22 00 99-1. You will be informed of the proposed appointment by mail.

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    For any information:

    CMS Luxembourg
    2, rue G.C. Marshall
    L- 1981 LUXEMBOURG
    Tel: 48 83 33-1
    Fax: 48 83 37

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