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PAI - Individualised Support Plan

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The Individualised Support Plan (PAI) aims to improve the accompaniment and integration of children with specific health needs in educational (primary and secondary) or reception facilities.

The PAI is a detailed protocol specifying :

  • The conditions for support
  • What to do
  • The medications to be dispensed
  • The contingency plan to be followed
  • The first aid measures to be provided
  • Who to contact in case of emergency or questions with the PAI or the child's health

Implementation of the PAI requires:

  • A formal request for assistance dated and signed by parents
  • A medical prescription, dated and signed, specifying the medications to be administered, their dosage, frequency of administration and the actions to be taken repeatedly or in an emergency. The doctor also specifies the specific conditions of the plan

The PAI formsare available in English on the following link ( 

  • PAI General
  • PAI Allergies
  • PAI Food allergies
  • PAI Asthma
  • PAI Diabetes
  • PAI Epilepsy
  • PAI Heart disease
  • PAI Haemophily
  • PAI Hymenoptera venom allergy