What is prevention?

Generally speaking, prevention is the anticipation of behaviour that could lead to or aggravate problems. Prevention is the set of actions put in place to avoid or reduce the number and severity of problems.

  • Primary prevention aims to make the individual aware of the benefits of well-being or the risks of certain behaviours before they occur.
  • Secondary prevention tries to stop a process or the worsening of a situation that has already deteriorated.
  • Tertiary prevention seeks to prevent an aggravation or relapse.

Prevention and fight against over-indebtedness

  • Primary prevention: information and general awareness-raising for the general public, households, private individuals, students, etc.
  • Secondary prevention: help for people in over-indebtedness or faced with budget management problems.
  • Tertiary prevention: support for people who have managed to get out of over-indebtedness in order to prevent relapse.

Prevention offers of the Over-indebtedness Information and Advisory Service (SICS)

The Ligue offers interested associations, municipalities, schools and institutions courses, training or conferences on the problem of over-indebtedness. 
The SICS is continuously present in the press to inform and raise the awareness of the general public on this subject. 
SICS posters, brochures and leaflets are available in several languages and can be ordered by email: