Health promotion in schools

Enable children to take greater individual and collective responsibility for their choices

In addition to screening measures and medical examinations, the Ligue médico-sociale organizes health promotion and social action activities for pre-school and primary school pupils in collaboration with the communes, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education.

In the past, health education had the simple objective of changing behaviours and habits that generated health problems.

Today, it also aims to enable greater individual and collective responsibility in the choices that concern health and well-being. Thus, health promotion activities in schools try to influence children's skills and attitudes from primary school onwards so that they can make conscious and healthy choices as adolescents. The aim is to give young people knowledge, self-esteem and confidence in their own abilities.

The medical-social team of the school medical service works in close collaboration with the teachers in order to set up long-term health promotion actions: these actions can, moreover, be integrated into the educational programme.
This programme often arises from a need, a request and a concern of the pupils, teachers, parents or communities.


Depending on age, we suggest that students think about the importance of a balanced breakfast or a healthy snack, by teaching them the different food groups.

Dental Hygiene 

The goal is to teach students how to keep their teeth healthy, to know the friends and enemies of the teeth.


We make children aware of the need for good hygiene by addressing this issue from their concerns. In this way, we help them to build an opinion rather than presenting them with an ideal behavioural model.


Children learn the importance of sleep through a magical journey into the land of dreams.

The Sun 

Through an animation, we teach them the effects of the sun and how to protect themselves from it.